Loans Secured by Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, or Digital Game Assets

Fully Tested & Documented Software

Loan Contract Meets the International & Your Local Legal Requirements

6 Months of Technical Support are Included


We provide innovative technologies and consulting for launching of online P2P-lending business in any country

Platform Key Features

Cryptocurrencies, tokens, or digital game assets as collateral

Supports any language and currency

Loan coverage implies collateral automatic sale and money transfer to the lender's account

Tailored to fit each target market's KYC/AML laws and regulations

Integrates with third-party environment & payment solutions

Fully supports your corporate branding

Integrates with your own or a third party credit history bureau

Liquidity may come in the form of:

  • fiat money sent to a customer's account in your cryptobank - up to 1 business day;
  • fiat money sent to your customer’s bank account - up to 3 business days;
  • cryptocurrency - instantly.

Watch the P2P-Lending Platform Demo

P2P-Lending Platform Pricing & Scope of Work

One-off setup fee is $70,000

This implies core components installation, system deployment, and 6 months of technical support

Implementation within 1 month

No reccurent licence fees

Custom software development services are available and priced depending on the tasks